Mission Statement

A California nonprofit organization with local offices in CZECH and SLOVAK REPUBLICS.

Czech Office:

Slovak Office:
The specific purpose of this organization is to do charitable work to support CZECH & SLOVAK REPUBLICS in the development and implementation of business development plans and strategies; to promote business opportunities in CZECH & SLOVAK REPUBLICS to US based companies; to actively foster strong relationship with the United State government and related agencies for funding projects and programs in CZECH & SLOVAK REPUBLICS; to disseminate a wide range of information about CZECH & SLOVAK REPUBLICS business opportunities; to promote the culture of CZECH & SLOVAK REPUBLICS; and to develop humanitarian projects and programs in CZECH & SLOVAK REPUBLICS.

What We Do?

a member of the Consortium for Global Development ( Consortium )
also abbreviated in text as CSTIO.org, CSTIO, CTIO, STIO, CSPIO, CPIO, SPIO, PIO,
A California nonprofit organization
with local offices in CZECH and SLOVAK REPUBLICS.

Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are awarded to international commercial projects and yet historically, billions remain untapped! Actually less than 8% of all international projects ever evolve to have the vendors and the funding necessary to make it to actual completion. We are the conduit between the needs and the funds from the U.S government and other international funding.
Using the propriatary PDI Process, our funding hub (PDIF) PDI Funding, Inc. reviews proposed projects and matches them with the appropriate funding source.

Funding support can be secured for projects from all available international development funding sources including U.S. Government agencies, the World Bank and the regional multilateral development banks, other multilateral donor agencies, and private funds.

We a member of The Consortium for Global Development ( Consortium) a premier group that succesfully guides international development projects through all stages of the project cycle. By coordinating the efforts of funding veterans, technical experts and foreign liaisons, we provide unrivaled strategic and technical consulting services that enable our clients to participate in high-value development projects with ease and confidence.

As a member of the Consortium, the CZECH & SLOVAK TRADE & INFORMATION OFFICE facilitates up-to-date information to promote development project opportunities.

Who can benefit?

This is a unique and extraordinary opportunity to strive and develop areas that in need for growth and change. The clients would be: Municipalities and private developers with a vision for projects that would bring economical growth and create jobs.

Any project that will benefit the community is a candidate for international funding such as: Tourism, recycling, water treatment, clean energy, housing project and infrastructure.

The clients´ benefits are:

  • Financing for Both, Private Sector and Government sector
  • 100% Project financing.
  • No collateral needed.
  • 10% Grant for social projects.
  • The Client keeps all Technical data prepared for the Project.
  • Total control for the client.

Comparison of Standard RFP Process and Fast Track PDI Process

Typical RFP Open-Bid Process
•       Host Country makes Project Request to U.S. Embassy.
•       U.S. Embassy refers Project Request to appropriate Funding Agency, becomes public domain and open to all bidding companies.
•       Funding Agency initiates RFP Open-Bid Process for U.S. companies.
•       RFP Application process requires a third-party Due-Diligence Audit and Technical Review, with an approximate cost of $25,000. (This cost is applicable to only that specific Proposal.)
•       Funding Agency initiates RFP Open-Bid Process for qualified Technical Consultant to review and evaluate the bidding companies.
•       Technical Consultant selects three companies for Short-Listing, and Funding Agency publishes this selection (Challenges to this selection can require significant additional time.)
•       Upon finalization of Short-List selection, Technical Consultant makes contact with the Project Client (the first contact since initiating Project Request) to create a technical counterpart team in the Host Country.
•       Funding Agency initiates Feasibility Study phase and Project Funding process begins. (Because the timeline has usually elapsed without original Project-Client involvement, Project-Client has typically lost interest or moved on. The result is a very few proposed projects ever receive funding!)
The Proprietary PDI Process
•       Client requests the Consortium to be its representative for one or more projects.
•       The Consortium evaluates project’s technical feasibility and funding potential, using industry experts, technical consultants and the Professional Engineers and Executives Resource (PEER) Group Library.
•       The Consortium initiates a Definitional Mission to the project location, and completes the project’s Needs Assessment plan.
•       The Consortium writes a Feasibility Study Funding Request for the project on the Client’s behalf and submits to Funding Agencies for approval.
•       Funding Agencies initiate Feasibility Study phase and project funding process begins. (Project Client involved early on, and throughout the entire process).

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